A simple, basic tool to keep up with your opening repertoire. Any questions, comments, bugs, or feature requests use the contact form within the webapp.

Put In Your Moves

Create a Repertoire and input moves by manipulating the board. Organize your openings by making multiple Repertoires (e.x. "Dutch", "QGA"), OR just keep all your moves in one Rep (e.x. "White Rep") and use Tags to manage your lines.

Import Moves

You don't have to manually input all your moves, you can import a PGN into any Repertoire. Have a PGN of your favorite player and want to import their games as a starting point? Easy Peasey.

Train Against

Kick off a training session from any position on the board to do some practice drills against your current Repertorie.


This is a web application, no need to download clunky software from the 90s... just start using it from your desktop, tablet, or mobile browser.